Piano Technology Practice Exams
Conceived by Tremaine Parsons and Gene Nelson
Implemented and Hosted by Sierra Software Services
Java Script Routines by Nick Heinle

Practice Exams:


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Tips on Testing and Scoring

These test are fairly straight forward. The user clicks the "radio button" circle to designate the correct answer.

When finished, the "Correct this Practice Exam" link will open a window and display correct answers for any incorrect answers given.

When scrolling back through the questions, this answer window will park on the Taskbar and may be reopened by clicking the Taskbar Icon. The answer window also has menu options so that the user may use File and Print (or Ctrl P) to print the contents of the corrections window.

The test itself can also be printed using the File and Print menu options (or Ctrl P). As both questions and answers may be printed in this manner, the user may participate "off-line" anytime.

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