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Pscale - An Industry Standard Piano String Scale Design Program since 1990

NEW - TemperTool - Virtual Keyboard Software for Learning Aural Equal Temperament & More - NEW
NEW - PSCALE 360 - String Scale Design Program for All Computers, Tablets, & Smartphones - NEW
NEW - PSCALE 360 Help Videos - NEW
NEW - Steinway Grand Bridge Modifications - NEW
NEW - Doublewound Bichord Bass Notes? We were surprised but they've been around for quite a while -NEW
PSCALE - Scale Design Program forDOS,Win95,98,Me,2000,XP,VISTA32,Win7-32 (Included with 360)
PSCALEX - Scale Design Program for Windows 7 & Windows 8 [Mac OS 10.X] (Included with 360)
The Scale Collection - Browse Original Scales of over 40 Pianos  "Snapshot of a Rebuild" 
Aural Proofs - Rescaling Can Make a Difference  NEW - 6 Note Low Tenor Plain Wire to Bichord Bass Conversion - NEW
PTOOLS SERVER - Client Management & Tools for all computers and devices 
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