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 MSWord - Addl. features in later versions

Current Ver. 2.5 Download & Instructions

05/12/07 PTOOLS Update! Ptools version 2.8 will soon be released. New features include, but are not limited to: direct internet zip code and mapquest maps lookup, a dedicated service history for each client (finally), email address field added, ability to store pictures of client pianos, improvements in keyboard handling, increased comments field sizes, 100% Windows Vista 32 bit compatible, and more.

Version 2.4 and Higher Enhancements:

Ver 2.4
Ptools now has complete multiple client file support. That is, each client file (or RDF) can have it's own seperate Calendar, Resource, Memo, and Zip Files. Ptools can now handle multiple businesses.

Ver 2.5
Additional Import/Export Functions to PDA's

Version 2.4 Fixes:
Possible memo and merge/memo font printing problems
Double Window merge templates now US OCR compatible
Postcards now US OCR compatible
Auto Dial working with internal modems
Find Client can be repeated after closing the edit window
Possible Error 39 within Schedule trapped and corrected on Exit
Repeated Bearing Calculations no longer causing memory error
Tuning History field now updating more accurately.

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