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Note: Win 7 64 bit or MAC OS10.x users require the PScaleX cross platform version. Contact us if you need this version.

Note: It is alway wise to make a backup copy of your current Pscale folder before applying updates:
Right click your current pscale folder, left click copy, pull down Edit, and left click Paste. Ths will make a folder named Copy of PSCALE

Current Ver. 3.1 - 3.3  Download  & Instructions (Must Already Have Ver. 2.8 or up)

Pscale for Win Version 3.5 Upgrade - Vista 32 bit compatible (most retail systems)

Pscale for Win Version 3.6 Upgrade - includes 3.5 + 3.6 (calc total tensions by section)

Pscale for Win Version 3.7 Upgrade - Requires Version 3.6 (above) to be installed
(PSCALEX Users: Make sure to change your UnZip folder to c:\pscalex\pscale)
(PscaleX distributions start at Version 3.6)

PSWIN.RTF (120K) MSWord/Wordpad Pscale Main Manual
28ANDUP.RTF MSWord/Wordpad - Addl. features in later versions
EMAIL.RTF (4K) MSWord/Wordpad Email scale files to other Pscale Users
PSCALEX.RTF (7K) MSWord/Wordpad PscaleX Cross Platform for Win 7, 8, and Mac
Install.html PscaleX Cross Platform for Mac 10.x Install Instructions
Pscale_User_Notes.html PscaleX Cross Platform for Mac 10.x Help File

Pscale 3.2 for MSDOS and  new scompare.exe for MSDOS - For the Dos die-hards amd more.

MSCALE Ver 2.8 167KB  Metric Version of Pscale (Must have Pscale Ver. 2.8 or up)
Mscale 2.8 (DOS) corrects a problem with newer PCI Video adapters Note: SetUp/Change Display parameters must be set to 4 and 4. Just download this to your Pscale folder.

Please send me original scales! It helps me realize needed additions!

Important Notice regarding Versions 2.8 and higher:

All future Pscale for DOS and Win Upgrades or Maintenance Upgrades posted on this page for downloading will require that you have upgraded to Pscale Version 2.8. I need a consistant starting point and the starting point is Version 2.8. If you have version 2.8 for Dos and do not have version 2.8 Windows, you need to contact me for disk containing support files for the windows version (too large for this web site).

Version 2.8 and Higher Enhancements, Anomalies, and Addl. Info:  ( 2.9 - 3.2 below)
Version  2.8
The Manual has finally been revised, corrected, and updated.
The On-Line manual has also been updated.
Support for Color (Black on Grey background, Blue and Red)
Mini Scale File Manager (long filenames or a comment field)
Print Preview for Alt P reports (lsplm, wrap type, wrap:core ratios)
Print Preview for string winding reports
Additional Error Checking aids.
Help window in Graphics mode
Global Plain/Core Increase or Decrease in Graphics Mode
Set ATWM/BTWM in Graphics Mode
Get Total/Target Tension in Graphics Mode

Version 2.9
Replaceable Inharmonicity Curves for Concert Grands or Other Pianos
Inharmonicity Curve Editor - Create your own custom Inh. curves
SEND SCALES VIA EMAIL - Export / Import - To / From - Text Format

Version 3.0     (Overlay 2 graphs on 1 screen, Limit note range in autoscale, and More! )
Loudness Sustain now ploting correctly (had been using Cu factor .89 regardless of wrap type)
        My apologies for this oversight!
Windows version now behaves correctly when moving to or from note 1 of the scale data grid
Setup - Printer (dos ver) now highlights your current printer instead of losing the current setting
Graphics/Dos mode of the win version now allows 100 lbs. > greater target tensions for concert
grands. Max values = UNI-390lbs BI-330lbs TRI-300lbs.

Addl. Features within graphics mode (3.0 Dos & Windows Versions)
You can now define a note range for the following functions. This greatly improves your options.
For example: You have just hand tweaked 4 bass notes on the tenor bridge. Now you want to
boost the tension on notes 1 - 26 without changing 27 - 30.
Specify note range in F2 - Autoscale or Calc all wraps ie. 1-13 or 14-26 or 27-30
Specify note range in Alt E (ends - change ATWM BTWM)
Specify note range in Alt B (bump core size up or down)
Save all graphs to .PCX file format (except the actual edit in graphics screen)
Compare Scales - Graphs & Text (3.0 Dos(limited) & Windows Versions)

You can now compare 2 different Scale files at the same time:
This can be very helpful and also interesting. You can see the before and after scales on the
same screen or printout. You can plot the speaking lengths of a chickering 9' and a steinway 9'
and see that they are almost exactly the same. You can see before and after loudness/sustain
on the same screen. You can print out side by side speaking length text data if you have adjusted
the speaking lengths and are installing new bridges or bridge caps.

Compare two scales has been added for the following:
        Text printout of almost all fields
        Graphs of TEN & INH and LOUDNESS/SUSTAIN
        Graphs of the following fields: SPLM,DIAM,INH,TEN,BP
I have included 3 original 9' concert grand scales in this update to compare. They are named:
C9O$.DBF    S9O$.DBF    B9O$.DBF   ($ should prevent overwrite of any of your scales)
Chickering      Steinway        Baldwin         (try C9O$ with S9O$ for SPLM)

Version 3.1

100% Windows Graphic Routines added.

Version 3.2

Windows Graph Routines handle partial scales. Additional Enhancements

Windows Version Notes:
There is not yet a manual for the windows version but the look and feel is nearly the same: Menus, functions, printouts, etc. You will just have to find the windows button that corresponds to the Dos Key sequence. There is a small PSWIN.WRI file in the PSCALE program group detailing a few important points. The Graphics routines are implemented as both Windows and "called" Dos routines. Users who prefer the Dos graphic editor can select it from within Pscale for Windows.

Anomalies: Possible Windows 95 Printer Problems

The Printers, Properties, Port Settings may need to be changed. You may have to Un-Check the following: Spool MS-DOS Print Jobs. Step by Step instructions included in PSWIN.WRI

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