6 Note Low Tenor Plain Wire to Bichord Bass Note Conversion
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These videos below will demonstrate how converting low tensioned high inharmonicity plain wires to properly designed bichord bass strings will correct tension and inharmonicity so that the 4:2 and 6:3 octave tests will more or less agree with each other. We apologize for the redundancy and occasional blabbering within the presentation. Video length +- 18 minutes



Tension (red) and Inharmonicity (blue)

Tension (red) and Inharmonicity (blue)

The above two graphs are before (left) and after (right) scales of a popular Japanese Manufacturer. The left scale is the "Economy Model" circa 2000 to 2004. In 2010 we converted the bottom 6 plain wire notes to bichord bass notes as represented in the graph on the right. We would have liked to make the tensions higher but kept them a little low due to the plate design.

If the videos do note load correctly right click and save to a download and launch from your computer. The .mov is bigger and of slightly better quality.

174 Megs

50 megs

Note: The octaves in the above videos were tuned using the 4:2 octave test. The noisy upper partials to which I keep refering are actually the 6th partial of the lower note colliding with the 3rd partial of the top note.

White Paper: Yamaha GA1 Low Tenor 6 Note Bichord Bass Retrofit

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